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    Julie Twyford has been practicing law in Spokane Washington for over 32 years. An experience lawyer in the following fields: criminal defense, dui charges, assault charges, theft charges, family law, drug charges, injury compensation, and much more. Contact Julie today for a free consultation.

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Spokane Attorneys

Servicing Spokane Washington and Surrounding Areas for Over 32 Years. We have been helping people in the Spokane Washington area for decades.  Our practice now has several lawyers with experience in criminal defense, injury law, family law, assault charges, domestic violence, drug crimes, dui charges, and theft.  Not limited to these areas, these are the [...]


Spokane White Collar Crimes Lawyer

Julie Twyford is experienced with white collar crimes and defending clients that are accused of white collar crimes in the Spokane Washington area.  For over 32 years Julie has been defending professionals like other lawyers, doctors, businessmen and women, health providers and clinics. White collar crimes can be indentified as: health care fraud medicare fraud [...]